A Day at KL HeartCare

An Executive Health Programme takes approximately up to 4 hours only.


Upon arrival we will take you to a private area where you will get changed.

Blood and Urine Test

We will perform extensive blood and urine analysis in order to check the most important parameters. Over 20 different tests are measured on the blood sample, including a full cholesterol profile, liver tests, kidney tests and full blood count.

Personal Medical Discussion and Physical Examination with our Physician

A one-to-one consultation with our Physician will give us a detailed background on your medical history. Our doctors will ask you about any past or current medical conditions so that we can establish your particular concerns.

ECG, Exercise Treadmill and Lung Function Test

ECG is used in diagnosing some heart abnormalities and exercise ECG can help to show if there is a possibility of significant coronary artery disease. The lung function test is used to determine lung function and to detect lung disease.


The carotid arteries, aorta (largest blood vessel in the body), abdominal organs, the prostate (in men) and the womb and ovaries (in women) are examined with an ultrasound machine to screen for early problems.

Detailed concluding Medical Consultation

Our experienced doctors will interpret all examination results during your visit to the clinic. Any further tests or treatment will be arranged quickly and conveniently thanks to our links with a large network of specialists.


A result pack including a written report and a DVD of all your images will be sent out in seven (7) working days (international standard)