Lady in Red Package

In today’s high stress world, women of all ages are facing a host of special health needs and challenges.

Women’s Health has become a dynamic, growing, and often unreliable field of wellness. Understanding this, KL HeartCare’s LADY IN RED package encompasses a preliminary imaging and analysis of your blood composition which represents a state of the art approach to women’s health and wellness.

This package provides the opportunity to have a initial representation of what is happening in your body, removing the concern, worries, stress and more that you have experienced from not knowing the answers.


Lady in Red 1
(for Women below 40 years old)


Lady in Red 2
(for Women above 40 years old)

*As listed.

No. Details Lady in Red 1 Lady in Red 2
1 Clinical & Physical Examination included included
2 Pap Smear included included
3 Mammography not included included
4 Blood Test included included